Chinese Partner

Through “Flight of the Dragons”, DreamMaker facilitates Experiential Giving in rural China through the following three year-long children’s initiatives with our Hong Kong-based charity partners. In coordination with the Chi Heng Foundation, this trip will grant the following number of AIDS-impacted children receive school fees, living subsidies, and psychosocial activities to finish school and break the poverty cycle:

  • 88 university students
  • 88 high school students
  • 88 junior high school students
  • 88 primary school students

In coordination with the Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation, this trip will grant a medical mission to address the surgical and corrective needs of children suffering from Amblyopia and Cleft Lip or Palette allowing a child wider acceptance and a better chance to flourish in life

  • 88 children with cleft lips and/or palettes will have their medical surgeries sponsored in a medical mission by facilitated by Operation Smile
  • 88 children with Amblyopia will have their doctors trained and treatments subsidized by the Sheen Hok Foundation

In coordination with the Mark Obama Ndesandjo Foundation, this trip will grant the gift of music and arts education to disadvantaged children in rural China:

  • 88 pianos in 88 rural schools for young children
  • 88 art teachers whose salary will be paid for three years
  • 88 laptops with sheet music and learning programs

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