DreamMaker is a 28-year old-experiential travel and event design boutique.
The DreamMaker crafts uniquely creative design concepts for our clients’ vacations with an emphasis on experiences that have never been done before.




Founder Gregory Patrick started his career by pioneering the rental of private estates.  Being the first in the world to offer luxury hotel services in a private property environment in an effort to control the guest experience from top to bottom, his mark ensured excellence through the personalized synchronization of services.  Patrick soon diversified and established Tours of Enchantment in 1988, offering highly personalized, experiential luxury vacations and events with his own signature multi-layered creative design.  In 2009, the company rebranded to DreamMaker, a direct play on the fond moniker bestowed on him by longtime clients


The word bespoke is often used, but with DreamMaker bespoke is a given.  The challenge we accept every day is going beyond.




  • DreamMaker’s Butler
  • Accompanies the client throughout the trip, orchestrating a seamless client experience with the support and direction of the 24-hour command center
  • Assists with packing and unpacking luggage in each locale
  • Advances stores for requested items
  • Advances restaurants to coordinate with the chef and sommelier
  • Manages all room service details
  • Expedites schedule modifications based on the whims of the client
  • Circles back to shops to arrange shipping/tax credits for purchases
  • Coordinates laundry and dry-cleaning
  • Handles all communications and phone calls so client can disconnect
  • Execute all signature DreamMaker touches and experiences


  • DreamMaker’s 24-hour Command Center
  • No DreamMaker experience begins without one of our European trained, butler academy graduate butlers as they are the essence of the DreamMaker. Without them, all you have is luxury and a concept of how it should be.
  • In constant contact with the butler advising as to weather affected changes, traffic efficiency, real time accounting, keeping a daily diary, compiling and evaluating the client's enjoyment level of each experience and making sure every moving part is executed to perfection for the optimum client experience
  • Coordinating laundry and pressing for the client’s turnover of clothes
  • Luggage management and tracking
  • Management of our contracted staff
  • Managing and coordinating security movements through the butler
  • Preparing detailed shopping list for the provisioning of the private apartments, villas, and transportation throughout the trip
  • Staging all of the entertainers and personalities interspersed throughout the trip
  • The detailed menu selections of all restaurant experiences allowing a greater variety of preferred offerings while reducing waste
  • Curates and purchases items for pillow gifts based on the goals of the host and organizes the engraving, calligraphy, embroidery, and gift-wrapping
  • Arranges gifting for the friends and family back home allowing more time for the client to enjoy themselves


DreamMaker has been covered by more than thirty periodicals and news organizations such as Reuters, The London Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Robb Report, and Elite Traveler Magazine.  We have also been featured on a myriad of regional radio programs and more than fifteen television productions internationally including the Travel Channel’s Best in the World (Best Travel Agent), Extra! TV’s Home Rentals of the Stars, Entertainment Tonight, and The NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw.

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